2017 NBA Dunk Contest Weakest in Years

Everything leading up to the 2017 Dunk Contest was more exciting than the dunk contest itself. Usually the spectacle of NBA All Star Weekend, the dunk contest typically leaves fans in awe by what some players can accomplish. This year was by far one of the weakest.

Last year Orlando Magic power forward Aaron Gordon put on a show with athletic and creative dunks. This year Gordon had the creativity, but failed to execute in actually making the dunks. For example, Gordon attempted to fly a drone from the crowd to the court, have it bounce off the ground and he’d make a dunk through the legs; the dunk didn’t go as planned.

It took Aaron Gordon four times, one more dunk than is usually allotted, to complete the dunk. The showmanship was there for him, but he wanted to be a little too flashy. Gordon’s night was put to an end shortly after.

Deandre Jordan just shouldn’t have been at the dunk contest, as most NBA fans know he does have the ability to perform Dunk Contest quality dunks but, he failed to bring any such dunks to the table. Although he did bring out DJ Khaled and his DJ table to jump over even though he only jumped to the side of DJ Khaled.

Jordan’s performance was weak, adding to the fact that this year’s dunk contest was one the least memorable events to date. After these two big names came two relatively low key players: Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr. had the hardest backstory of all the dunkers this year, he came from the D-league. Known for his talents shown on YouTube, Jones had already made a name for himself and was the expected winner before the contest even began. Jones fell victim to missing dunks repeatedly.

One thing is for sure for Derrick Jones Jr. though, he will be back next year with better dunks and something to prove. The one shining light in this years dunk contest, the judges all wanted him to succeed because they all knew he could, heck even I was rooting for him to win. He was the only dunker that actually put some flare into his dunks and that’s ultimately what the dunk contest really needs.

Glenn Robinson III made a name for himself at the University of Michigan playing alongside Trey Burke and Nik Stauskas. What really got him his recognition was his father Glenn Robinson, a standout at the University of Michigan and two time NBA all-star.

Robinson III put on the best show out of all the contestants. He made all of his dunks consistently, was up to date with the trends, and wasn’t too cocky. Everything a dunker needs to win the contest.

Would Robinson III stand up against former dunkers? Most likely not, if one were to compare Glenn Robinson III’s performance to that of Nate Robinson, Andre Iguodala, Blake Griffen, or even Jeremy Evans. Robinson III probably wouldn’t have made it past the first round but I’d give it to him that he did put on a show Saturday night.


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