Re-Opening of the Wall Street Theater

The city of Norwalk, home to the Maritime Aquarium and the News 12 Connecticut headquarters, will soon unveil its latest attraction with the opening of the Wall Street Theater. Once a thriving theater throughout the 1900s but was closed and re-opened multiple times. Now being operated as a non-profit organization in the hopes that the Wall Street Theater can bring back the level of enjoyment that was once very prominent. In Fairfield county the arts are a celebrated aspect of the community and the Wall Street Theater should add the missing piece of music and performance that seems to be lost in the area.

The goal of the theater as stated by theater developer Frank Farricker is “to bring a complete arts and cultural experience to Norwalk, also to use the arts as a catalyst to revitalize a neighborhood.”. In terms of the economic benefits that the Wall Street Theater can bring to the community, Farricker states that “Arts bring $46 of economic benefit for each dollar spent. IIMG_4883t also incentivizes others to develop properties, open restaurants and move to the area because there is significant reason to do so.”

As any local businessperson might take note of, if the Wall Street Theater is as successful as it hopes to be it can help the community grow to become the thriving neighborhood it used to be. Farricker also stated that” Communities thrive with day and night activities, and if there is a reason to go there. The theater will make the Wall Street area important and meaningful to many and help it grow and prosper.” People of Norwalk and the surrounding towns are very excited for the re-opening of this historic landmark.

The building is currently under renovation and revitalization in order to become a modern place that will still hold the ascetic it used to. With the installment of new seating, flooring, 3 bars and revamped technology; the Wall Street Theater should come as a much needed hub for music and entertainment. Every seat in the theater is a great seat, from the top level to the floor. Everyone in the audience can get a great view of the acts with the personal and comfortable environment the theater offers.IMG_2899

The theater is set to open in the beginning of April and plans to have acts from all types of genres and performances. Shows such as plays, operas, ballet recitals and other performances are a great fit for the Wall Street Theater. In terms of music, the theater will be hosting a summer series featuring all local artists from not only Connecticut but New York and New Jersey as well. Popular artists are also a much sought after attraction that the Wall Street Theater will be bringing to Fairfield County. Big name artists are a much needed aspect to the community which lacks a concentrated source of outsiders.

The people working with the Wall Street are hoping to get entertainment that tends to all audiences. The Wall Street Theater team is working vigorously to not only to build the perfect theater and help grow the community but to bring back the landmark that is in a much needed return.

The Wall Street Theater is located on 71 Wall Street, Norwalk CT.


Mural from the original Wall Street Theater setup

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