About Me

university_of_hartford_wordmark-svgMy name is Todd Manning I am currently a senior at the University of Hartford and graduating in May. I’d prefer to not get so personal on the internet, but for the sake of a good grade I might as well.

When not living on campus I live in Greenwich CT with my mom, her boyfriend, and my sister. I’d like to say I have a very close family. My dad lives with his wife and two kids, who by the way are adorable. I am also very close with my first cousins, they are almost like sister to me. I also have been dating my girlfriend Elaina for over a year now. She is an Art major focusing on Printmaking.

I have been working as an intern during summers for a building refinishment company called Platinum Maintenance. The office is located in the Financial District on Lower Manhattan. I plan on working there after I graduate full time before perusing something I enjoy.

I grew up in Milford CT with a few tight knit groups of friends throughout my life. I had a lot of fun with these friends for a while but over time many of them either fell down a terrible path or life just got the best of them. A lot of my friends, which I realize now why my mom didn’t like them, fell down the path of drug addiction, a few went to jail, and the others have no positive outlook towards their future. Much of how these friends acted reflected on my perspective of life and have been driving me to be as successful as possible and to appreciate the people I have around me now, as well as the opportunities I have been given.

I’m a fan of most Philadelphia sports teams as well as the Boston Red Sox.  My favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty, American Dad and, Mr. Robot. I’m usually not the type of person to get into TV dramas but I can’t resist watching Mr. Robot every week a new episode is out. I would mention my favorite movies of all time but it’s easier to determine which new movies I actually like because there’s only a few that I can say are currently my favorites. These movies are Kubo and the Two Strings, Star Wars: Rouge One, and The Hateful Eight.